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Traditional metal surface pretreatment process was choosing chemical conversion coating or anodizing to use as corrosion inhibitors, and this hexavalent chromate ions (Cr+6) would provide better ability of elementary corrosion resistance protection. But the industrial effluent will contain lots of chromic acid would cause serious environmental pollution. The more regulation has been restricted for using chromatic chemicals nailed to the surface pretreatment pollution is applied on the metal. By the way, in order to avoid the application to Cu, Mg, and Ti used effect is not better than Al, Fe, such metal use chemical conversion coating for its sacrificial anode would be following this traditional processes. These traditional electrochemical routes of corrosion prevention to the metal could be concluded as “passive anti-eclipse for metals.”

Peacco Enterprise Corp. (Taipei, Taiwan) we are honored to introduce a simple and environmentally benign metal surface pretreatment proces... [Details]