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Sheng Kuo Plastics Co., Ltd.

Plastic bags, plastic particles manufacturing business C801100 synthetic resi...

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The company was founded in 1970, specializing in the production of a variety of plastic packaging products, early Hong Kong economy, the export business of various factories thriving, has helped many companies engaged in indirect export products to go abroad, in order to experience the accumulation, And continuous development of new products.
Since 1980, the company has slowly expanded its original export market access to other service market channels. We have a complete marketing plan, automated production equipment, professional research and development, diversified management and the establishment of Brand, and then in the laundry industry play a beautiful transcripts, one after another in the major hospitals and public institutions, but also a good performance, with the current government to promote environmental campaigns, ban plastic bags, we also respond to market demand, the introduction of environmentally friendly shopping bags , To meet the market supply and demand, to fur... [Details]