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TROY Enterprise Co., Ltd.

AC induction motor, DC brushless motor, stepper motor, ultra low speed synchr...

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Founded: AD 1996
Business philosophy: "Thai Ying Technology" is a company with innovative spirit, a concept, pay attention to the development of the system, the domestic industry is still doing the traditional motor, we lead the other manufacturers engaged in the development and manufacture of DC brushless motor. Because of innovation, we can meet the needs of customers as the center, the full implementation of "quality" "technology" and "service" concept, to provide good products and services to customers.
- to the needs of customers to think about the product should have the characteristics and functions
- to color and shape to subvert the traditional escape from the existing perception
- to create their own characteristics and texture and texture of the positioning
- the complexity of the technical theory into a simple and easy to use reliable goods
Corporate Culture: "Tai Ying Technology Co., Ltd.", for the precision motor, motor controller and precision reducer design, manufact... [Details]