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ZAWARD Corporation

Various Thermal Solution: 1. Cooling Fan (AC/DC fan, industrial fan, blower)...

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Zaward Corporation is a leading thermal solution expert specializing in cooling system. Zaward has built a reputation of reliability and maintains a high standard in engineering and quality.
Zaward offers a comprehensive suite of products and services both in DC fan, AC fan, blower, heat sink, vapor chamber, heat pipe, VGA cooler, CPU cooler, LED thermal solution and relative accessories. Today Zaward has become the best thermal solution provider for various fields, such as consumer electronics, power, automobile, industrial computer, network communication, OA machine and others more.
Zaward provides OEM and ODM services from concept to design through manufacturing and after-market services for worldwide electrical companies. Highly efficient cooling and ventilation products can be customized to fit your needs in any business. [Details]