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Is located in the Yonghe Road and Zhongshan North intersection Wang master cake shop, with Wang master more than 30 years of superb craftsmanship and exclusive formula, research and development of all kinds of pastries, and the world to share, which again branded products - the entrance of the " ", Widely welcomed by consumers. Cheeky fragrance, a long time has not been dispersed, it is to enjoy the real name - Wang master pastry real feelings! In the king chef shop, each kind of pastry are carefully developed works; each material is the most superior Quality; each kind of packaging has the most beautiful design. At the same time, Wang master cake shop only to sell the day of the baked pastries, and absolutely do not sell defective products, therefore, only the most perfect pastry, will appear in front of consumers. Nearly ten years of entrepreneurial history, along the way, fresh quality is the master of the insistence of Wang; R & D enlightenment is the master Wang's creativit... [Details]