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Skin care products with essential oils and energy

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Qingyi Enterprise Co., Ltd. Taichung Founding Company was established in November 1989 and was formally established in 1990. Since the operation point expanded and at the same time to the international stage, Qingyi Company established Taipei Corporation in October 1992, and in 1995 October set up Tainan branch, so that the entire service network throughout the South Taiwan, so that professional and service more complete. Overseas Education and Training Department ˙ Singapore headquarters in May 2000 preparation, and in November the same year formally established to provide the latest international beauty industry and professional education and professional, the United States to provide a more professional courses. At the beginning of 2002 Liv Furong Shu pressure therapy SPA Museum demonstration shop in the expectations of the formal preparations, in early 2003 to formally meet with you, and at the same time Qing Yi Enterprise Co., Ltd. officially reform for the Qing Yi Group, Qing... [Details]