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Knowledge culture Co. Ltd.

Books and related products distribution business

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serve the broad masses of Chinese reading the population, to provide convenient and quick publication of the query, ordering services, and through
Active Push mechanism, recommended readers to read the needs of depth.
To provide quality, best-selling publishing house book information release pipeline, combined with professional distribution company in the vigorous development
Of the online bookstore to create a synchronous production and marketing services, shorten the supply and demand of time and space.
The number of technical services: 50 people
Capital: 2 million yuan
Management team
Number of employees: 50 people
Company responsible person: Lin Haicheng
The company's intellectual investment company - Zhiyuan Culture Company, the network distribution, marketing, capital management
Of the professionals, composed of excellent books published marketing management team, with a complete physical bookstore
Road distribution experience, in the execution or creativity are extraordinary.... [Details]