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Zhongxing rice, benefits all fragrant rice, Taiwan rice nine rice...

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In Taiwan, the rice industry, which runs the centennial rice industry, is the origin of the rice, which can be traced back to the year 1905.

Inherited the four generations of rice experience, is Unionrice Co,. LTD can be based on the important foundation so far.

Unionrice long-term commitment to consumers to promote rice nutrition and health concepts, because the pampering of Taiwan this land, to promote Taiwan's turbid water bred out of the unique rice culture. We set up the first rice museum in Asia ZTE Valley Fort, a record of rice history and the transfer of rice culture exhibition. In addition to engraving preservation of Taiwan rice culture and the development of Unionrice growth process, a complete description of the agricultural culture through the trajectory of the times, the promotion of Taiwan's agricultural knowledge and rice culture, Unionrice sustainable management is the mission. [Details]