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Hanpin Development and Design Co., Ltd

appearance model, functional model, PU model

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In today's fast-moving industrial environment, rapid manufacturing can give industry greater competitiveness and market advantage, but also on behalf of designers must shorten the R & D time to keep up with the high-speed rhythm of the industry.Many of our customers for the sample model, regardless of Is used to publish the show, or to confirm the feasibility of manufacturing, there is a great demand.

The model team has the ability to produce all types of models, whether it is from the foam model or 2D surface, can be accurately produced to the functional model level. The abstract picture into a real texture of the product model. But also has the latest rapid prototyping technology, including CNC, RP, vacuum injection, laser light modeling technology, to meet any of your products round design needs.

The company was founded in 1983, specializing in industrial design with the model, the model content: appearance model, functional model, silicone temporary mold, vacuum injection,... [Details]