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Gwang locomotive

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Company Founded: June 15, 1991
Gwangyang KYMCO KEN quality service store
Guangyang North dealers
As a member of KYMCO EXCELLENT NETWORK (KEN) Gwangyang Quality Service Network, one of the members of the Group of British Wheel Co., Ltd., its wide and comfortable open-type display repair shop, its 50 to 180cc various KYMCO speed Keda car is quite complete, and shop In the real car show and electric car charging service. In addition, the shop all kinds of speed Keda maintenance or KYMCO boutique upgrade installation, skilled technicians skilled in the technology, make the new store riders endless appreciation, the car faithful immediately get the best quality service. Even better is the shop boutique service even customers have e-service promotion, so KYMCO car faithful to enjoy the full range of sales promotion. [Details]