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S-Bond Technology Corp.

1, digital meter 2, power converter 3, the signal transmitter 4, industrial m...

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(S-Bond Technology Corp.), established in August 1994, is committed to R & D and manufacturing of power and industrial systems for measurement and monitoring of products, in the ISO9001: 2000 quality first, service-oriented, technology leadership Under the leadership of the morning state of science and technology excellence, and continuously improve the research and development capabilities and process technology, the product has more features and more convenient human operation.
Chen Bang Technology's products cover 1, digital micro-processing type integrated power table 2, dry-type transformer temperature control station 3, digital thin signal isolation transmitter 4, digital micro-processing digital meter 5, power system converter 6, monitoring Signal module 7, automatic power controller, and so on ... and a number of products for CE certification, improve product value and competition.
Diversified product range to meet the power generation system, power supply system, power ... [Details]