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About Ying Hua
In 1986, the founder founded the jewelry studio began to create a beautiful dream of the cause. In 1996, "Ying Cheng Jewelry" to become a design, production, processing, wholesale franchise enterprises.

For the sake of excellence, the company is not only a comprehensive computerized management to enhance the efficiency of administrative management; also hired image consultants, specially designed Ying Hua identification logo (CIS); more professional managers to set up planning department, strengthen the organizational structure, the company-oriented more professional Of the business. In order to give full play to the spirit of corporate social feedback, and Fu Jen University cooperation in teaching for the company into a new design style. By virtue of the modern marketing strategy and reform and reconstruction of traditional jewelry jewelry faith and persistence.

In 2004 by the introduction of Paris and a symbol of personality and taste of the silver jewelry [Faye Y... [Details]