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Longxiang Industrial Co., Ltd. was established in 1990, mainly to provide business-specific, industrial mats and outdoor lawn protection pad sales and construction services mats professional services team.
◎ tailored for you, to provide the most suitable for your needs:
In terms of commercial buildings, the required mats are mainly based on aesthetic, antifouling and waterproofing. The subdivision can be selected according to the conditions such as the area, population flow and environmental climate. "Longxiang" is a professional company for many years operating mats, regardless of your mat to use in any area, can provide you with the best choice and services.
◎ mat can actually be very fashionable:
With the trend of the times, mat no longer only practical, but also a combination of beauty and can be, so that it can be completely integrated in the entire space. "Longxiang" has the most diversified mat material and style can provide you in any area of the laying of the area, so tha... [Details]