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Chen chia Industrial Co., Ltd

Screen printing Magnets, medallions, key rings, cufflinks, tie clips, travel ...

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Company Name: Chen Jia Industrial Co., Ltd.
Unified number: 84211155
Leader: Yang Dehuang
Tel: 02-2225-8158
Fax: 02-2225-8011
Address: (235) Zhongshan Road, Zhonghe District, New Taipei City, Section 120-28, 6th floor
Website: http://www.silk-screenprinting.com/
Contact: Lin Mei Hong
E-mail: maymay0717@msa.hinet.net
Sales of goods: screen printing
Magnet. Medal. Key ring. Cufflinks. Tie clip. Travel tag

Lithographic printing
Nameplate categories: all kinds of cars. Locomotives. Machinery. Electrical dashboard

Bite version of printing
Metal: lock ring. Cardcase. Badges. Brand. Phone strap. Bookmark

UV printing
Mobile phone case, billboard, mobile power shell, custom coaster.
Related Certification: Profit-making business registration certificate
Factory Registration Certificate [Details]