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An and Weighing for a professional development and design of industrial and industrial scales of the manufacturers, and create their own brand 'An and AH', An Weifang was founded in the Republic of China 75 years, has nearly 30 years of history, approved by the Ministry of Economic Affairs Standard Inspection Bureau Weighing professional factory.

At present, Anhe Weighing is the total distribution of electronic scale. The products include all kinds of electronic scales, precision balance, precision weight, electronic scale, stainless steel waterproof scale, electronic crane scale, digital scale scale, weight scale, Scales, electronic scales, scales, weighbridge, hydraulic pallet truck scales and non-scale all electronic platform .. so that the company's products in the domestic and international market share continues to increase, and peace and strict quality assurance system, and Strict compliance with the ISO9001 standards, the company management and product quality more perfect ... [Details]