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Gardner Denver Taiwan Co., Ltd.

Vacuum pump, blower, air compressor

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Gardner Denver Inc. is a professional air compressor, vacuum pump, blower manufacturer, manufacturing experience for more than 150 years, the production base is located in Germany, the United States, and mainland China, sales service base throughout the world major cities, 1997 New York, Listed on the market, the world's top 500 enterprises, the number of employees 7000. Taiwan's Grand Denver (shares) for the former Hong Kong businessmen Weili Far East branch (Rietschle) and Taiwan Tongmao (Thomas); 2007 officially changed its name to Taiwan Grande For the GDI Taiwan branch, GDI Asia vacuum / air compressor system engineering design assembly center, is currently the only Taiwan through SGS ISO 9001: 2000 vacuum / air compressor system assembly plant. [Details]