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A new small molecule changed the law of new drug development "
General drug development of the compound can only be targeted for an indication of the target, can not solve the human face of degenerative diseases, but to develop multiple targets of new drugs is very difficult, even if the big pharmaceutical companies to the end of the helpless, and like the new drug Antroquinonol has Treatment of multiple indications to traditional drug development thinking is hard to imagine and believe, but by empirical medicine to prove its effectiveness, it will change the world!

With the development of medical theory, the development of more signal pathways, past thinking of a single route of treatment, also with the clinical late trial failure and stagnation, so the development of new drug Antroquinonol with multi-directional treatment, gradually By the medical profession attention, can become the most suitable solution for the future.

The next decade, anti-aging and regenerative medicine wil... [Details]