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Shin Bae Industrial Motors Co.,LTD

Induction motor / reducer / speed controller

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Established in 2006 in Taoyuan Industrial Co., Ltd., specializing in motor reducer design and manufacture, due to changes in the international market and to improve the competitiveness of the market in 2003 will be moved to Bali and thousands of times Machinery Co., Ltd. will be parts processing and Motor reducer production line merged, as the highest efficiency integration, and change the company name for Xin times Industrial Co., Ltd., and in 2008 through the CE certification and all products are in accordance with RoHS lead-free production.

Main business:
Motor system planning production, gear motor design and manufacture, the motor has a single phase 4W to 180W, voltage 110 ~ 220V, three-phase 25W ~ 150W
, Voltage 220 ~ 440V, reducer with 2GN ~ 5GU, reduction ratio of 3 to 180 than the speed controller with 6W ~ 150W, voltage 110V ~ 220V.

The main equipment:
Motor coil testing machine, a motor test machine, a test machine, two sets of power test machine, the current plan to bu... [Details]