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After years of hard work and hard work, "Wing Li Biochemical Technology" not only in the cosmetics R & D and production industry has been consistent with the recognition and appreciation, "Wing Li Biochemical Technology" is equivalent to the name of high quality, high standard R & D and synonymous with customer commitments.
Founded in 2002, the reputation of Wing Lai from the years to concentrate on the research and development of skin care products, and constantly with the production and marketing industry, government agencies, biochemical research center to maintain an inseparable partnership, towards the exquisite cosmetics industry and work together. As with many successful companies in Taiwan, "Yong Li Biochemical Technology" over the years for many international well-known make-up maintenance company production, OEM and design, not only in the foundry's ability to become increasingly outstanding, Yongli own product line diversification basis GMP, ISO and the patent man... [Details]