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Ju Xin Machinery Co.Ltd.

Automatic horizontal balers

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Since the establishment of the new Machinery Co., Ltd. since 1982, the spirit of" quality first, service first "business philosophy, is committed to R & D and manufacturing high efficiency, low energy consumption, low supplies materials recycling equipment, Support and love.

As the environmental protection and recycling business equipment manufacturers, the new mechanical attention to customer needs and commitment to product development, adhere to the customer the best quality and service, and later will adhere to the past three decades has always been the professionalism and excellence Attitude, sustainable for the public service.

The new machinery produces all kinds of compressed and compact packing models, which provide diversified selectivity for different types of recycled materials and provide customized services tailored to the different needs of customers.

The material is not only easy to stack and store, but also greatly reduces the cost of transportation. Automatic compression equipment is absolutely environmentally friendly, recycling the most economical and necessary investment.

High efficiency, low energy consumption, low consumables hydraulic system - Excellent power units not only provide plenty of power, but also save customers a lot of energy consumption and maintenance costs.

Unique automatic bundling system - won the patent certification of the Republic of China, durable, simple and easy to clean and maintenance.

Can be fine-tuned compression chamber - according to the characteristics of different materials and user preferences, free to adjust the compression density.

With the high efficiency of the hydraulic system designed for large capacity discharge, not only can speed up the processing speed, but also with a variety of commercially available shoveling machinery and conveyor belt system.

Hydraulic cylinder holder - to ensure that the power output is stable, constant, to avoid mechanical wear and tear to extend the life of the body.

High-strength knife seat - the use of special steel production of the upper and lower knife base sharp strong, significantly reduce the cutting resistance, reduce energy consumption.

Extrusion head - surrounded by heavy duty pulleys to withstand the torque generated when cutting the material, clever bottom pulley design makes lubrication maintenance and repair replacement easier
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