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BioWare Technologies Co., Ltd.

Direct and indirect application of microbes: 1. Biological mosquito series of...

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BioWare Technology Co. Ltd. was established on August 12, 1989, with a current capital of NT $ 200 million. Our management team includes universities and universities at home and abroad and research institutions of the elite and its mature technology. Company strategy is based on high profits of the livelihood of raw technology products, directly or indirectly, the use of various microorganisms and their metabolites, with the production of fermentation technology, the development of high added value of the product for the cut into the main industrial projects; combined with genetic and protein engineering And other cutting-edge biotechnology, the development of agricultural, medical and environmental protection and other aspects of the special use of long-term high profit products, the potential for the national biotechnology industry to make an important contribution to investors and bring fruitful recovery. [Details]