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The company is a professional TFT-LCD optoelectronic products factory. Welcomed the ideal, ambitious you join Crystal Optoelectronics.
Crystal Optoelectronics in the Republic of China on May 9, 101 listing OTC.
Crystal of optoelectronics, a professional design team and the precise quality requirements, for a variety of different industrial requirements, put forward appropriate solutions to meet customers. The complete service process is crystal up all the way to persist.
In the past, the crystal photoelectric from OEM, ODM to develop their own brand; in the future, Crystal Optoelectronics will continue to research and innovation, continue to launch in line with market demand for the product. In the "innovative products, adhere to quality and meet customer needs" under the corporate mission, continue to work hard.
【Business ability】
The company's operating ability based on the following several aspects of the analysis:
Corporate Governance:
Crystal up to improve the o... [Details]