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Bondtec Technology Co., Ltd.

Mingban Film button (switch) Flexible circuit board (FPC) Rubber keys PCB as...

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Bondtec Technology Co., Ltd. has founded so far, in the film button industry always uphold the integrity, professional, service business direction.
And to fine industry refinement of the spirit, and constantly sophisticated. More in 2005 received the international ISO9001 certification.
In recent years in the process of continuous improvement, efforts to innovate, increase equipment to enhance the quality and productivity, and reduce cost, shorten the delivery time, and thus meet customer needs. "
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Company Name: Bondtec Technology Co., Ltd. Company Type: 企业单位 ()
Area: New Taipei City Company Size:
Registered Capital: N/A Registered Year: 2000
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Business Scope: Mingban Film button (switch) Flexible circuit board (FPC) Rubber keys PCB assembly
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