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Strong Biotech Corporation

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"rong Biotech Corporation is a market oriented biotechnical research and development company. Strong holds key technologies in the fields of immunology, microbiology, proteomics, etc. Combined with professionals in clinical gastroenterology, Strong developed Helicobacter pylori in vitro diagnostic devices and related biotech materials. Strong is Taiwan and the world’s first company specializing in producing both paper and gel type Helicobacter pylori in vitro diagnostic test, providing rapid diagnosis of peptic ulcer caused by the H. pylori as the basis of doctor’s prescription.
Strong Biotech Corp. (SBC) has been established since June 2000. As the chairman of SBC, I thank all the shareholders and staff members, who have committed and devoted their hard and excellent work throughout the years.
At SBC, to foster the corporate culture and raise the corporate competency are the two most important philosophies that every member from our corporate must be understood and recognized. Hence, our core values “Superior”, “Beneficent” and “Co-operative”, which are taken from the initialism of Strong Biotech Corp., were formed to lead us to have a prosperous future and be one of the pioneering corporate in our field in the upcoming future.
Now SBC proudly announces that we have successfully established our presence in Taiwan through our excellent work on the development of the value chain which ranges from R&D, manufacturing and production to marketing, and also have well commenced our expansion globally to set up distribution networks to further advance our corporate image to the world.
At last, I believe we can and will achieve our vision as to continuously learn, innovate and collaborate as a team to strive for the best performances.

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Registered Capital: N/A Registered Year: 2000
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Business Scope: In Vitro Detection Reagent Products (IVD): Helicobacter pylori urease test reagents In the case of Research Products: Apoptosis Series, Protein Series In the case of Medical beauty products: skin moisturizing repair series
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