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Imported food, beauty maintenance, home life supplies, health food.

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K-MART market with the happy, eat the rest assured that you live every day.

Han Tai Co., Ltd. was established in November 1998, was originally a franchise imported Korean high-quality goods, special products for the development of the Korean trade company.
Initially to cause the Korean specialty - Jiayi moss for the development of the starting point, because the product is very popular with Taiwanese tastes and popular, a successful start, but also led to a Korean specialty import wave.
And then gradually introduced the Korean specialty ginseng and flavor tea (grapefruit tea, red dates tea ... and so on), also by the enthusiastic response of consumers, for the large business plans in 2004 in South Korea to invest in professional flavor tea processing plants --- Ring F & B (SUNG HWAN F & b CO., LTD.).
HAN TAI CO., LTD. Is a business partner of Fahrenheit F & B, which is responsible for business expansion in Taiwan, China and Southeast Asia. Taiwanese consumers accept the... [Details]