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Tianjin and Food Co., Ltd.

Cherry shrimp crispy fleshy, almond sesame pork, pork pine, pork silk, honey ...

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Brand story "love is not the hand," the boss Yu Shuang sister from childhood to see his father to do meat, want to survive in this industry to pay much effort and labor, to practice a martial arts, she was clear, so she was her daughter , In the father retired because of injury, because the father can not bear the good skills of this lost, they decided to take the meat shop business. But after taking the business, the jade frost sister is facing many difficulties, aside from eating heavy work do not say, most let her feel the pressure, is the family's opposition and not optimistic, and even his father have questioned, this heavy live, Men do feel hard, she is a woman simply can not carry a shoulder. But the character of the unyielding jade frost sister not only did not be down, but to prove that they can operate the meat business is impressive. Delicate and delicate she faced the changing market, in addition to expanding the network and department stores and other access, more resea... [Details]