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Eco ProSource Material Co., Ltd.

Nano heating module/elements

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"Eco ProSource Material Co., Ltd." was founded in 2012 by the US-based materials science expert and successful combination of Sun Yat-sen University in Taiwan material composed of several PhD,is mainly engaged in non-metal oxides and metal oxide semiconductors,R&D,manufacturing,production,application,the main products are "non-metallic oxide nano IPO heating pipe","instant hot" water saving devices,"instantaneous thermal" water heater "instant hot" energy-saving equipment heater,vitamin water rescue equipment,miniature water desalination equipment...and so on.Specializes in energy-saving products imported materials science applications.

"Eco ProSource Material Co., Ltd." Taiwan's first semiconductor manufacturing process nonmetallic comprehensive energy-saving products development,design,manufacturer,product applications ranging from home appliances,IT industry,automotive,green building,aerospace,shipbuilding,etc.fields.

"Eco ProSource Material Co., Ltd." has a professional R&... [Details]