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PTFE film application, N95 masks, sports cool N95 masks, general masks

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Wei Feng technology that people solve the threat of air pollution for the job!
Wei Feng technology to thin film technology and related application technology as the main axis, the development of two series of products:

1, health protection - high efficiency protective masks, automotive air filter, building air filter, anti-acid and alkali protective clothing, waterproof breathable fabric.
2, environmental protection - air pollution control, water pollution control, water resources regeneration.

Our unique product technology to create comfortable and efficient health protection products, our efficient masks have the world's best breathing pressure difference, so that people can easily breathe fresh air, fully protected by the haze and the influenza virus and suffer Of the general public. The air filter also has ultra-low pressure, high efficiency and low energy consumption. In the face of air pollution, we will extend from the most end of the health protection products - masks, to ... [Details]