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Nano Photocatalyst energy far infrared negative oxygen ion health mattress, b...

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With the progress of science and technology, people pay more and more attention to indoor environmental issues, and began to pay attention to view the daily life of building materials around the source, emphasis on creating a safe and comfortable space for their own. Large area brushing paint, indoor and outdoor use of tiles, and other building materials, but also driven by science and technology, began to develop a variety of different functions and types of products, a variety of R & D experiments and patents to join, Diversification of progress. Photocatalyst products in this new era, the new technology and new needs in the birth, Beiduo Li photocatalyst negative oxygen ion characteristics and technology into building materials, open up a smooth way, access to the Ministry of Industry Bureau of the "nano mark" and through ISO9001 quality management certification, paint green building blocks and a number of inventions, for a long time, Beiduo Li to lead the future development ... [Details]