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Electronic Motor Wrecker
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Updated: 2017-10-26 16:27


Green Technology refers to the negative impact of the environment and preservation of natural resources and reduce human activities in. Sustainable development is a core objective of green technology, in solving environmental problems, their solutions must comply with social equity, economic and environmentally sound guidelines allow.

The pursuit of sustainable development of green technology include: recycling, water purification, sewage treatment, environmental correction (remediation), flue gas treatment, emissions control technologies and renewable energy projects.

Ilu CO., Ltd. is currently focused on non-ferrous metal and non-metal sorting and recycling system, hoping at the same time also help the development of the industrial partners to reduce waste, lower waste disposal costs, simplified reporting of waste, and then creating positive business income from processing of wastes sorting, as the result help reduce the impact on the environment.


The machine can cut motor body and separate copper coil. Cutting knife has two sizes can cut maximum 330mm diameter motor. After cutting motor body in two, place half of the body on the coil separator table and by adjusting coil lifter on the copper coil around lift up coil.

or other:

Hydraulic-presurred cutting knife can cut various steel scrap and separate steel scrap of different material composition.