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PuriMax Cup

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PuriMax Cup


We are in Taiwan's biotechnology research and development, innovation and business, marketing company. In the past few years, the earth's warming, climate anomalies, natural water pollution is a serious form of water, water resources development and drinking water treatment is increasingly complicated, people need a clean drinking water and healthy living water. Not only Japan has the problem of drinking water pollution, the Chinese mainland, Southeast Asia, Vietnam, Laos, Cambodia, and even North Africa, Eastern Europe and other countries, has long been groundwater by radioactive material pollution, or heavy metal pollution, making the hotel Water, bottled water sold outside, will make you fear of fear of drinking. After years of joint research and development of our team to create a really able to promote good health, health of the unique filter material: JMAX-GWC. JMAX-GWC can make your drinking water immediately become healthy alkaline water, into anti-oxidation is also anti-agi... [Details]
PuriMax Cup