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Coffee raw. Cooked beans, small household cooking beans, coffee brewing equip...

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When the young drink coffee feel heart deer rambling, thinking that their love first open, and later learned that is called palpitations; morning drink coffee, can be excited to the early morning still can not sleep, only to know and palpitations, are caffeine at work. Many people are looking forward to fear of coffee, said, "I like coffee, but I can not drink."

CBB founder Mr. Wang 30 years ago because of caffeine, always keep a distance with the coffee. I do not know the blessing of God or tease, Mr. Wang met the coffee lovers Miss Zhong. In order to love, Mr. Wang Tolerance of the heart palpitations and insomnia pain, and the other half of the beloved in the coffee fragrance, two years after the exchange of Miss Zhong found that Mr. Wang is not suitable for drinking coffee. In other words, Mr. Wang because of love excitement for two years, but also insomnia for two years, of course, the two years to pay also have a return. Although the suspension of coffee after marriage, but wh... [Details]