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1. Spoon Biscuits 10 Fill / Round Tank (Brand: LeVic / Le Fei) 2. OEM custome...

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Into the food industry, experienced numerous bleak innovation R & D attempt, we launched the first flagship product "handmade spoon cookies." The food was patented, received prizes, and even received many reports of television programs; and so that we are more determined our initial beliefs, with the best, the most simple ingredients, make the best, the most simple food The In a causal occasion, we came into contact with the natural organic rice of this block, but also understand the farmer hard farming and organic rice related matters, so we also decided to help protect Taiwan this valuable land. Let us in the "organic rice cake" this product at the same time, but also for Taiwan this island and the ecological environment to do a hard work for ourselves and for our next generation. In determining the production of organic rice cake before, we ran the whole of Taiwan dozens of farms, found a stick to the use of organic farming flower East farm, eat the touching, the best sweet white rice, it is more confirmed that this is Give the baby the best rice! Farm organic certification is not easy, need to go through several years of complex pesticides and other organic tests. We know that this is a very safe agricultural products, but we still take the trouble, and then take those organic qualified agricultural products to do pesticides and additional trichloramine and many other tests, but also for these organic products and then go to the chemical plant to obtain organic factory certification, all Is to give yourself, baby and the public the best and most comfortable organic products! Do organic and no added food, has always been our pursuit of the idea! Remember that for some time, the security crisis, the storm is very serious, but because we use the raw materials are the most simple, most real, but also do the source of management, factory registration, ISO22000 and HACCP identified, So by the major channel manufacturers and consumers affirmed, but also inspired us to "better but also better" concept! This road is not easy, but because there is everyone on the way the trust and support, so there will be today's "music". The future also hope that we can continue to give us more support and trust, let us in this way to hold this initial belief, continue to go on .......
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Company Name: ZHAN YU INTERNATIONAL LIMLTED Company Type: 企业单位 ()
Area: New Taipei City Company Size:
Registered Capital: N/A Registered Year: 2012
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Business Scope: 1. Spoon Biscuits 10 Fill / Round Tank (Brand: LeVic / Le Fei) 2. OEM customer authorization pattern / custom doll portrait / mascot shape cookie 3. (size size) spoons biscuits foundry 4. Various shapes and shapes of biscuits 5. Image printed cookies
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