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There is no pesticide tea made of healthy organic tea
Natural agriculture planted organic tea garden, is not the application of chemical fertilizers, but organic fertilizer for the main nutrients of tea; do not use pesticides to control pests, on the one hand there are many insects have enough herbivorous and will not harm the tea, On the one hand is the application of indigenous insects for the microflora control, so the harvest of tea is absolutely no pesticide.

The use of natural agricultural cultivation of Jin Xuan tea, large leaf oolong, honey Hong tea and organic Hongyu (Taiwan tea on the 18th) will have MOA certification.

Organic tea and general tea, respectively, to their own made Jin Xuan tea, for example: the general use of chemical fertilizers of tea, thin leaves, the appearance of more beautiful, brewed up rich flavor, but less resistant to bubbles. Organic fertilizer tea leaves, thick leaves, brewing up the aroma is light and lasting, but more resistant t... [Details]