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1.Microprocessor-based control products such as digital thermostats, humidist...

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Humidistat : Modulating
Products: Hits: 86Humidistat : Modulating 
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Updated: 2017-11-01 15:40
Industrial Electronic Equipment
Humidistat : Modulating
Model No:
TBB700-H Series
TBB700-H Series-BTL Certified BACnet® MS/TP Digital 
Modulating Control Thermostat with Both Temperature 
and Humidity Displays
or other:
․BTL certified BACnet MS/ TP, RS-485 open protocol 
communication with complete baud rate selections
․Effective run time accumulation for system reading/resetting.
․The fan speed can be operated in the mode of 
auto changeover or manual selected continuous mode.
․Room temperature or setpoint temperature selectable 
for normal display.
․Full configurable parameters such as switching differential, 
cycle time, and etc.
․Proportional plus integral (PI) algorithm applied to 
modulating control and/or floating control.
․0(2) to 10 Vdc or 10 to 0(2) Vdc control signal 
output selectable for direct / reverse acting output.
․Optional multi-stage 
on/off control outputs.
․Minimum Cycle/ On/ Off time settable.
․Optional Remote sensor (RS) input interface for 
connecting to remote temperature sensor.
․Optional Energy Saving input (ESI) interface 
for connecting to hotel card key ,occupied/unoccupied sensor 
or lighting interlock signal.
․Optional extra digital input for Window/ Door 
open detection to save energy.
․Adjustable unoccupied setpoints for heating and 
cooling mode control.
․Optional settable countdown Timer (0 to 24 hours) 
function to stop control output when time expires.
․Optional sleep mode function for raising 2℃ temperature 
setpoint in 2 hours.
․Non-volatile memory (EEPROM) retains user settings during 
power loss.
․User’s buttons and Energy Saving lockable.
․oC or oF and relative humidity (% RH) displays.
․Control off output when system at “OFF” status.
․Maximum and minimum set-point limits settable.