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Kyoto green tea powder / variety of drinks syrup sauce / all kinds of fruit p...

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We are a manufacturer of raw materials for food supply to some of the products such as restaurants / restaurants / chains / coffee shops ... Our products are divided into bar and kitchen part of the bar goods with tea. Cocoa powder. Honey apple grain sauce tea. Honey pomelo tea. Caramel sauce ... kitchen section with Qiao Da Tang. Corn soup. Pumpkin soup. Milk white sauce (concentrated soup). Melaleuca. German pig feet ... ... natural brewing salad oil Vinegar - purple sushi oil vinegar sauce (prime). Garlic sauce oil vinegar sauce handmade thousands of layers - tomato beef. Pumpkin chicken. Cream spinach. French seafood. Tower fragrant mushrooms .... If you can help us to test whether The quality of the restaurant ~ whether to meet your requirements to the product to meet the standard. Specifications quality of the opportunity to introduce you with the goods or you can easily tell the person who can contact or contact? Or you need to find what kind of goods or OEM production of goo... [Details]