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Energy processing features:
Radiation: Like light, it does not need to be exposed to air or other media, but to radiate the energy.
‧ Permeability: with a strong permeability, can penetrate the subcutaneous tissue, from the internal warm body, to give biological cell vitality.
Resonance absorption: the same as the wavelength of human radiation and resonance absorption, resulting in warm effects, promote blood circulation, and human radiation and improve human health.

Ultra-fine molecular processing:
Substances in nanometer size, different from the original scale of the physical, chemical or biological characteristics. Nano technology is the use of this knowledge, in the nano-size operation, control of atoms or molecules into a new structure in order to show new features and characteristics. Based on its design, production, new materials and appliances, so that it produces a new function, and to use the technology in general. [Details]