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Brewed black sugar, nougat

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We believe that: health, natural is the best choice
Accumulated years to do the experience of black sugar, the creation of the "Kang days health Sugar SugarBabe".

Kang days health black sugar adhere to pure quality
Want to make a good black sugar products, first of all have a high-quality black sugar produced in Taiwan, and adhere to the use of natural ingredients, and finally through the layers of the manual production, through each piece of brown sugar, we want to provide convenient and delicious health Eat.

■ use native pure brown sugar, never add pigment staining
We know that high quality black sugar comes from this piece of land. Taiwan's sugar industry from the Netherlands to occupy the era of Japan through the times, after recovery, the sugar industry has been an important economic lifeline for Taiwan's exports. Therefore, Taiwan with its own superior geographical location and a good production environment, produced by the black sugar is not only pure quality, more rich in... [Details]