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OLY Torque Equipment

(Torque tester, torque tester, torque tester, torque screwdriver, electric to...

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About OLY
OLY was founded in 1984, is the company's brand as a high-tech enterprises, OLY has been committed to industrial tools and equipment design, production and sales. OLY with high-quality products, perfect service has won numerous customer praise and support, product market share rising year by year, has established a complete marketing network in China, while OLY products have been exported to Asia, Europe, the Americas and other parts of the world.
OLY aims to help the factory to improve product quality, OLY has a full-time product development team, is committed to developing new products, so that better product quality, more competitive prices, flexible product design to supply customers a variety of international standards of products , So as to meet the different needs of customers, beyond customer expectations. The realization of a package of transactions can reduce the cost of customer purchase, thanks to the abundant cooperative factories around the world.

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