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New Particle Chemical Colors Corp.

We will provide faultless Plastic Masterbatch products and services for our c...

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Established in Taiwan, 1978, New Particle Chemical Colors Co. specializes in manufacturing plastic color Masterbatches and coloring plastic resins.

Currently we have two plastic masterbatch factories located in China (Shanghai) and Taiwan (Taoyuan). Certified by ISO-9001/2000, we value high quality as our first priority and concern, that is our commitment to all customers.

Offering 1200 kinds of universal grade plastic color Masterbatches as our standard plastic masterbatch colors, we also customize plastic colors to meet clients’ special requests under different material bases, such as ABS, PC, NYLON, PET, PP, TPR, TPE, PE, PS etc. Our plastic color masterbatches are suitable for injection molding, extrusion machines produce like sheet/ pipe, blowing film/ bottle and many other productions.

We have built up the first set of plastic standard color books in the world, each of them represents different kind of material, such as ABS, GPS, PP, HIPS. At the same time we have created some special effect plastic masterbatch to satisfy special needs

The wooden effect Plastic Masterbatches are applicable to rigid PVC extrusion sheet, making products have similar patterns to real wood. This effect Plastic Masterbatch can be used to doors, decoration sheet floor. With or without sawdust, our wooden effect Plastic Masterbatch  can easily have wooden pattern by single screw extrusion machine.
The grain effect Plastic Masterbatches have colorful flow pattern based on the differences of melting temperature between Plastic Masterbatches and Plastic Resin. As application to ABS,PP,PS,HIPS, PE, PMMA materials. The grain effect Plastic Masterbatch  need not to change injection or extrusion machines and can be processed under normal temperature with pressure setting. We offer standard colors and also customize colors for clients.

Shelly-shining plastic resins are newly development combined materials with super high gloss Plastic Masterbatch. It appears natural gloss similar to shells and better than pearl effect. Without coating or second process, Shelly-shining effect Plastic Masterbatch gets brilliant shining gloss. This material could be applicable to the surface of product, household goods, cosmetic boxes, toys , car parts, stationery, etc. We have two grades, ABS and PC , for customers to choose from.

Containing ultra-fine calcium carbonate, our Caco3 filler presents white color with excellent dispensability and compatibility. Our filler is suitable for extrusion, vacuum forming, injection, blowing film, etc. It’s a modifier which can improve the heat resistance, gloss, flexibility strength, size stability, printability and texture. It reduces heat release from burning , thus to prevent secondary environmental pollution.

New Particle Chemical Colors Corp. has selected 1200 kinds of the most popular plastic colors masterbatch  from market and make them universal grade Plastic Masterbatches. All these Plastic Masterbatch  are kept in safety stock for customers’ convenient use. Applicable to injection, extrusion and blowing purposes.

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Company Name: New Particle Chemical Colors Corp. Company Type: 企业单位 ()
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Business Scope: We will provide faultless Plastic Masterbatch products and services for our customers. We will fully understand customers’ requirements on our jobs, and we are committed to fulfilling their needs .
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