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ongquan company was founded in 1979, by five like-minded friends, grass-roots, the initial injection machine repair and modification based, and therefore accumulated a wealth of experience, and then by the plunger-type injection machine to begin production, to the spiral-type injection machine , Controlled by the traditional circuit to the computer control, and then to the optical ruler LCD control, the current environmental protection, energy-saving models for the mainstream, witnessed Taiwan's 30 years of plastic injection machine development.

As a result of continuous customer expectations and love, so the plant is not enough to use and moved from Triple Bihua Street to Luzhou Heping Road, and then moved to the five shares of the Imperial Road, to the present from the plant in the Wugu industrial zone, at the same time In response to the relocation of Taiwanese businesspeople, we set up branch offices in mainland China and Malaysia to serve local clients while marketing their ow... [Details]