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Spring Raise Enterprise Co., Ltd.

1. All kinds of metal plastic injection molding products (electronic plastic ...

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The company was founded in the Republic of China for 72 years with a capital of 11 million yuan, the main business projects for a variety of plastic molding hardware products manufacturing. Business items include automotive plastic parts, electronic plastic parts, computer equipment, communications equipment , Home appliances and computer peripheral equipment manufacturing and mold design and development.

The company is a professional plastic injection molding foundry, with more than 20 years of professional and technical experience, to provide high-quality services to customers and customers from the mold design and manufacture of products, test-mode, mass production injection, bronzing, painting, printing, Hot-melt, assembly and so on-related OEM manufacturing services, product projects from the computer peripherals shell, network equipment shell, communication products and various 3C shell and components and so on, the relevant experience, and the use of high-precision producti... [Details]