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Yeh Sheng Powder Parts Ind. Co. Ltd.

Powder Metal Parts Gears Machinery Parts Auto & Motorcycle Parts

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Company Info
Working with Yeh Sheng Powder Parts is like working with an experience partner. We started in 1984 with just limited equipment. We are the international professional powder metallurgy manufacturer. We produce wide range of products in different fields. Automobile and motorcycles, shock absorber parts, steel parts, for front fork and rear cushion, piston, bearing, valve sear… etc; oil pumps for inner and outer rotors; clutch parts. Machine parts: couplings, gears, bushing, connector for blender… etc. Other: components for hardware and hand tools; computer parts… etc.

Since 1999, we start working on powder metal break pad (sintered brake pad). This kind of pad has high friction coefficient and long lifespan. This pad can be used for racing car, motorcycle, bicycle, computer, ATV, and fire escapes sling…etc.
At Yeh Sheng we encourage ourselves to think outside the box. When we face problems, we try to solve the problem with new approaches and methods. We may not be... [Details]