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Commodities Enterprise Co., Ltd. is a pioneer of special metal for industrial use in Taiwan, with a sense of the electrical contact (silver contact) for a variety of switches, relays, circuit breaker key parts, known as" switch heart ", the electronic motor Industry's quality impact is significant. Then in 1979 set up silver electrical contact research center, engaged in silver electrical contact research and development. In the case of

With the latest world of silver electrical contacts development trend, in 1981 to its own materials science, powder metallurgy professional, set up factories, as Taiwan's first production of silver (Ag) multi-metal oxide (X series, P series) And silver high melting point alloy (W series, K series, N series) silver electrical contact factory. At present, there are four sets of advanced production technology, such as "double-layer rivets", "internal oxidation", "powder metallurgy" and "welding rivets". The production of "high conductivity, Point, for ... [Details]