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The company to the two sides of the deep agricultural, aquatic and biotechnology resources, in their own commodity development, other commodity agents, electricity Taiwan on behalf of the procurement business, cross-strait cargo transport-level product testing agents have a lot of profit space and market Development potential, welcome to the advanced criticism of the exhibitions or to discuss investment cooperation ‚óŹ since October 2014 the original small three links into China's transport pipeline was regularized, Pingtan has been taken
And replaced by China's policy of all preferential policies to Taiwan, the Company and Pingtan Special Trade Group, the country
Airline (Channel) cooperation, for Taiwan's goods (especially fruit, aquatic products) to get through a revolutionary
Channel, the price of air to the sea, can replace the future of Xiamen to become duty-free transport of goods
Main trunk line.
The Company by the former vice chairman of the Executive Yuan Agricu... [Details]