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1980 Established water treatment equipment factory.
1983 Joint venture with North Star Pharmaceutical Factory to set up distilled water plant, designed for pharmaceutical distilled water, the only professional 100% distilled water plant, the supply of major hospitals, distilled water and related equipment.
1985 to increase the industrial ultra-pure water and drinking water business, supply high-quality pure water.
1990 Thailand, Indonesia set up an office, sales RO equipment.
1992 Shanghai company set up, supply the mainland water treatment related materials.
1993 Guangzhou company food equipment factory set up.
1995 Guangzhou company capital increase, the establishment of a new plant covers an area of 12000 Ping, the supply of food and beverage throughout the whole plant equipment, and exported to Europe and the United States and other countries, for food equipment blue chip manufacturers.
1997 and Japanese pharmaceutical companies to produce calcium ion mineral water, and obtain p... [Details]