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Established in 1968, R & D for decontamination of textiles started in the early stages of supplying the booming sweater industry, dyeing and finishing industry, washing and cleaning, and fine chain series. TENNOR AF202, BESCON, TENSOFT and other additives R & D so that a large group of workers at that time hand scrubbing out of the sweater cleaning exports into mechanization, efficiency suddenly increased several times, won the praise. In 1969, we introduced West Germany and Japan's precision machine tool to develop and manufacture Taiwan's first aluminum alloy electric decontamination spray gun, obtaining the new patent No. 6111. In the 1980s, due to the rapid development of circular looms and ready-made garments, we introduced the beautiful B-series lightweight nylon shell. Tianyu tag guns and tag line; cleaning chemical manufacturing is the introduction of wide-effect decontamination ointment large and small series, cleaning and cleaning series should be grams of pollutio... [Details]