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Test tables, exhaust cabinets, air duct exhaust cabinets, storage cabinets

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36 years ago, like many successful enterprises, from a market required by the development of the experimental table to start the product, from the order to encourage, lay a solid foundation for the company, the products are manufactured according to domestic and foreign regulations, Inspection, and obtain TAF 17020 exhaust cabinet inspection agency qualification and government issued interior design renovation license to the laboratory overall planning, product manufacturing and construction of professional capacity to achieve the results of manufacturing services, continuous completion of numerous laboratories at home and abroad to pay Cargo performance.
ISO 9001: certified in 1996, the first to obtain the new version of ISO 9001: 2015 quality management system certification, to maintain the company's continuous improvement of the operation of the power, so that staff quality has been refined, and get the following results.

TAF 17020: TAF ISO / IEC17020: 2012 in the United States ... [Details]