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In the beginning of the 1970s, there were two "Ching Chau Chau Chau Chau" with tea flavor in Chung Hsiao East Road and Renhe Road in Taipei City,
At that time, the scenery of the city scene, so far is still a lot of people like tea ceremony talked about the topic.
In the Republic of China seventy-seven years of spring tea Chai Chairman Lin Gongsong at the same time operating the industry often from home and abroad,
Found that the neighboring Japan in the market and consumption patterns are gradually towards the professional development, a shopping everything is coming soon;
Convenience stores, supermarkets, supermarkets in the trend of the times, such as mushrooming have been set up.
Has always been to the Japanese market-oriented Taiwan market, is bound to also lead in the near future changes in the type of shopping.
In order to comply with the needs of social transformation, more sustainable business, then the end of the tea line, and set up a "years of spring tea company"
From th... [Details]