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Wukawa Industry Co., Ltd.

Aluminum alloy forged wheels

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Wukawa Industry Co., Ltd. was established in 1993, mainly for the production of motorcycle power accessories, to accelerate the exhaust pipe, conveyor system.

In addition, we also upgraded our equipment to produce various types of parts to lead the stadium. Our brand image has been widely used. Recently, our company has paid more attention to the safety and prospects of motorcycles to meet the needs of new developing markets.

Wuchuan Industrial Co., Ltd. is a well-made and exported professional manufacturer and exporter of most parts of the automobile and motorcycle numerical control performance, especially for motorcycles and modeling screws FORGED aluminum alloy wheels for more than 20 years in Taiwan The

We have been developing various types of parts and exported to the rest of the world to prove that our quality is good, the price is competitive and after-sales service. " [Details]